CTC Legal Media, the publishers of The Patent Lawyer, The Trademark Lawyer, and The Copyright Lawyer Magazines, now bring you The IP Knowledge Share.

After the undeniable success of The IP Knowledge Share series within the print magazines, CTC Legal Media have created an online portal for IP professionals to access multi-jurisdictional information in just a few clicks. The IP Knowledge Shares consist of the procedures and processes for protection and litigation in worldwide jurisdictions to ensure the knowledge of IP counsel and private practice professionals is as accurate as possible.

We aim to inform and educate IP professionals by using our own international network to benefit and increase the knowledge of in-house counsel members, R&D heads, “C” suite executives, independent law firms, or academics who are simply interested in the logistics of IP law. Further to the prior focus of Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights, The IP Knowledge Share will gather information about Domain Names, Licensing, and Life-Sciences to ensure comprehensive IP knowledge is attained.